You Choose Your Adventure! We have activities for all ages!

Play Paintball at one of the Nation’s Top Rated Playing Fields!

Paintball is an adrenaline-fueled action sport that can be enjoyed by anyone, male or female, ages 6 and up! Our Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton is one of the largest and most recognized parks in the country.

Individuals players are welcome or you can book a private group- just give us a call or book on our website at least one week in advance.

Paintball Lite Geared for Beginners and Ages 8 through 12

Smaller Paintballs, Lower Impact, Same Fun! Paintball Lite uses a new type of paintball gun that was designed much smaller and weighs a lot less than traditional equipment. Likewise, the Paintball Lite guns use smaller paintballs. This means no bruises or marks after a day of Paintball Lite!

Playing gear is easy to carry, super lightweight, and the game itself has the same feel as regular paintball (but without the intensity!) Paintball Lite is perfect for adult first timers, young up-and-comers, and for anyone else who’s looking to have a great time on the paintball field without the fear of getting shot.

Airsoft Offers A Whole New Way to Play!

Do you crave a less messy game but with all the action of Paintball and Paintball Lite? Airsoft uses tiny plastic BB’s as ammo that are fired through battery or gas-powered Airsoft guns. The BB’s are less painful than paintballs and do not “splat” on impact.

! We have an Airsoft- Only field that is specially designed with two close-combat action houses. Each house has more than 15 rooms, a village marketplace, and real Military tanks and vehicles.

Available for Walk-on play Friday through Sunday and the field is available for private parties any day of the week!

Splatmaster is a great option for Younger Players ages 6-8

This low-intensity activity uses lightweight, spring-loaded, pump-action equipment and smaller paintballs for ammo. Perfect for younger children, Splatmaster gives younger kids the chance to play the game of paintball without having to worry about any loud noises or leaving with a bruise. It’s 100% painless and 100% guaranteed fun!

Playland: A North San Diego County Theme Park for Kids (separate link)

Playland @ Camp Pendleton is located behind the Paintball Registration area. Playland offers rotating attractions such as Ziplines, Coconut Climbing Trees, Obstacle Course, Nerf Wars, Laser tag, and Infltables! Check our or call 866-985-4932 for more information.