Rental Equipment

Here at The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton, we have everything you need to enjoy a day of  Paintball, Airsoft or Kidsplat!   Not only do we have a fully stocked pro shop on site, but we also have hundreds of sets of rental equipment ready & available at all times.  We can outfit you with all the gear you need, including paintball or airsoft guns, masks, hoppers, air tanks, pod belts, pods, camo jackets, coveralls, upgraded guns, chest protectors, BBs, and paintballs!
Playing Gear: Full-face masks, compressed air tanks, pod belts with 2 pods for carrying extra paintballs, barrel covers, and hoppers!

Clothing & Protection: Military camo-style jackets, full cover-alls, and padded chest protectors!

Paintball & Airsoft Rental Guns: Our standard paintball rental guns are the Tippmann 98 (a high-quality, widely-used semi-automatic paintball marker), BT-4 Combat and GoG Enemy. We also have rental gun upgrades available (first come, first serve) including the BT Omega, the Eclipse ETEK and Valken Proton).  For Airsoft we have the G&G CM16 Carbine and CM16 Raiders to rent!

*An ID card is held for rental equipment until the gear is returned at the end of play.

We sell only premium quality,  factory fresh paintballs!

  • 500-round bag of Standard Paintballs – $16.00
  • 2,000-round case of Standard Paintballs (Valken Infinity) – $45.00
  • 2,000-round case of Deluxe Paintballs (Valken Fate) – $50.00
  • 2,000-round case Premium Paintballs (Valken Crusade) – $60.00
YES! You can bring your own equipment!  Just make sure that the equipment is safe (Paintball & Airsoft guns shooting safe speeds, tanks not expired)
YES!  We have a full time gun tech on site during open hours.  The tech area is located next to our air station.  Fees apply, pricing will be given once the broken equipment is evaluated!