Paintball Summer Camp 2019

Paintball Camp 2019, an action-packed, highly interactive, super fun, and always safe camp for kids ages 7+!  Finally, a chance to send your kids to a camp they will NEVER forget!  The Dates are June 24-28, July 15-19, and August 19-23 at The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton.

2019 Paintball Summer Camp

What is Paintball Camp?

A Real-Life Video Game!  Get the kids off the couch and on to our awesome playing fields! Paintball Camp features days full of action-packed paintball games, detailed safety instruction, structured target shooting, and a fun and interactive way to exercise, socialize, strategize, and have FUN!  New activities will be added/rotated each day.

How Does Paintball Camp Work?

Kids can be dropped off anytime between 8-8:45am.   (Camp Officially Begins at 9am) There are two age groups for Paintball Summer Camp, 7-10 year olds will be in one group and 10 & older kids will be in another.

Once at the park, each child will meet with the other campers and be given his/her rental paintball equipment, a detailed safety instruction meeting, followed by a day FULL of paintball target shooting, paintball games, and structured paintball FUN!  For more information on paintball you can give us a call 866-985-4932

How Much Does Paintball Camp Cost?

You can choose either a daily rate of $70/day or a weekly rate of $300/week (save $50).  Don’t worry, all rental gear, safety equipment, air tank fills, AND paintballs are all included in the daily rate!  (Sorry, lunch will not be provided.)

Sign Me Up! 2 Steps!

Step 1: To register

Use the ADD TO CART link below or call our main office line 7 days a week from 9-5pm 866-985-4932 or e-mail  A customer service representative will be happy to take care of you!

Step 2: Child Info Sheet/Waiver PDF

(Download Form) Print this out, fill it out, scan and email it to before the first day of your child’s summer camp date. They will not be able to participate without this completed.