Zombie Hunting Is Back!

The Zombies are back and The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton needs your help! For the fifth year in a row we are calling all Zombie Hunters and fans to The Haunted Grounds at Camp Pendleton. Get equipped with top of the line zombie-hunting paintball gear and walk the haunted trails shooting zombies as you try and find an escape, ride our Zombie Hunting moving trailer to eliminate from the hoard from above. Of course, there’s the opportunity to play traditional paintball with a Zombie twist in our Paintball Adventure.


Haunted Grounds will begin in just SEVEN short days. We have 3 different attractions you can try. The cost is $29 per one attraction, or you can do two for $39 (which we highly recommend- you don’t wanna miss any of the fun).


Starting October 5th, you can hop on our Zombie-Hunting Ride, equipped with 16 armed & ready paintball guns.  Participants will enter the Ride, choose their hunting station, and our expert drivers will navigate through the dangerous Zombie fields. Actual Zombies will jump out at the ride, when you see one… let ’em have it! This attraction is for ages 6 and up. Includes all equipment needed and 50 paintballs. Extra ammo is $5 for 50 paintballs.


You can also play traditional paintball walk-on play with a twist… Choose to be a zombie or zombie hunter! Grab an all-inclusive rental package with this deal and play Night Games on our most popular fields. Stay on constant alert as this is the only attraction that you can be shot by paintballs. Ages 10 and up. Includes All Equipment (Rental Gun, Rental Goggles, Air Tank, All Day Air Fills) and 200 Paintballs. Extra Ammo $5 for 100 Paintballs – All paint must be purchased at the park.


The last one to tell you about is the Zombie Hunt Paintball Trail. We need your help cleaning out the Zombie problem in our backyard. Armed with top of the line paintball guns, walk one of two terrifying trails: Army of the Undead or Town of Terror.  Rack up as many kills as you can, show no mercy, and leave none behind. Ages 10 and up. All equipment is included and you will receive 50 paintballs. Extra ammo is only $5 for 50.



Haunted Grounds will be on October 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 from 7pm-11:30pm each night.

For all the info, go to hauntedcp.com or call us at 866-985-4932. We hope to see you there!!