Capture the Flag (CTF)

Capture the flag is a traditional outdoor game composed of two teams where the object of the game is to capture the opponent’s flag. In paintball, airsoft, and/or kidsplat, if a player is hit by another player, he or she is eliminated from the game.  Once one team captures the other team’s flag and returns it to their base, the whistle will blow and the game will be over!

In walk-on play this format is available on request only.  For private groups, just ask your ref!

Team Elimination

This game is easy!  The typical game of paintball that is enjoyed around the world.  One shot, one elimination.  Two teams, one winner.

Both teams will start out at their designated start gates.  On the referees whistle, the game will begin.  The first team to eliminate all of the opposing players on the other side wins. If there is a time limit on the game and there are still players remaining on both sides, the game is decided by who eliminated the most players.


High Value Target

This game can get intense!  One team has a single player designated to be the “High Value Target.” If the opposing team eliminates the the high value target, then that team wins. If the high value target player remains in the game for it’s entire duration, however, then the team protecting the target wins.

This format is available for private groups only.  Lots of fun!

Man Hunt

All against one!  This game type pits one player with a unique goal against all other players who share a common goal. The designated player is usually marked with a bandana or special colored tape.. Game play begins after one player has been designated “Hunted Man” and is given time to run and hide. Games are usually played with time limits and boundaries.

This format is available for private groups only!


King of the Hill

Players attempt to capture and hold one or more bases on a given field. One-shot eliminations. The bases may be arranged in a path, and to capture one the team must control all previous bases along the path, or the bases may be distributed with any one of them up for grabs. “Reinforcements” are common in these games as it is otherwise unlikely any one team will capture all bases without completely eliminating the other side.  Respawns and base locations would be determined before the game starts.

This game format is for private groups only!