Enjoy our shaded Staging Area whenever you come to play at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park! Complete with Astroturf grass, picnic tables, plenty of trash cans, free water dispensers, hand-washing station, bathrooms, concessions and more! All tables are on a first-come-first-serve basis, so try and get to the park early and reserve a spot!

Bright, colorful and FUN!  Our KID SPLAT Arena was built with families in mind, complete with shaded picnic areas, soft woodchips to walk on, a netted Shooting Practice Range, and our fun-filled bright & colorful Kidsplat field! The actual playing field is lined with neon-orange astro turf, plastic bunkers, as well as inflatable cop-cars and other fun obstacles your kids will be sure to remember!

TANKS!  AIRPLANES!  MILITARY TRUCKS!  Convoy is completely stacked with gigantic military vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Try and lose your opponents in the dozens of cement buildings that line the sides of the field, but watch out!  People will be sniping through windows and from behind the tanks & airplanes laid out throughout the field.  Decide with your team whether to stack the left or right side, flood the middle, or do an even spread!

Our most famous structure at Camp Pendleton Paintball Park is definitely Kings Castle!  This MASSIVE cement obstacle dominates the middle of the map.  There’s only one entrance to the castle and dozens of windows… games on this field can get INTENSE really fast!  Four mini-castles are located in each corner of the map, put your snipers in the back and your fearless artillery up in the front!

Ever wanted to play paintball next to giant 10 foot high KING KONG and T-REXs?  Get your fantasy fix on Kong Island! Featuring a big variety of bunkers, including several Tiki Huts, two separate trenches for sneak attacks, foliage for creeping, and of course our massive creatures like King Kong & the T-Rex. Check every corner before the game is over, never know where an opponent will be hiding on Kong Island!

This map is all about SPEED!  Tiki Village is long, narrow, and action-packed.  Hand-built Tiki Huts line the sides and middle of this field, forcing teams to move as a UNIT and use strategy to get to key spots throughout the village.  The fastest players can run to the best spots on Tiki Village if they go quick!  Think you can make it without getting shot off the break?  Don’t forget to have your snipers ready to pick off the aggressive players on the opposite team.

One of the keystones of our park, Hamburger Hill is by far the largest and most exciting field we have.  It’s so big… you can see people blasting each other from the street!  Which way will you go… climb Hamburger Hill and make it to the Tank that waits at the top, or take a heads-up approach through several crashed helicopters and army tents.  Both routes are action packed, make sure you have a LOT of paint on your belt!

Fuel Depot re-enacts a fuel spill turned radioactive wasteland… watch out for zombies!  Navigate through the dozens of emptied out fuel barrels lining the sides of this field… one line of them in particular is VERY effective if you get on your belly and crawl!  Some call it a “snake”, others call it an easy way to shoot out 10-20 opponents!  Either way, this field is wide, lots of opportunity to flank your opponents.

If you like close-quarter-combat, speedball type paintball, DEADWOOD is for you!  Our smallest field, but arguably the most exciting field at Camp Pendleton as well.  Deadwood features a rodeo-style theme of Horses and other farm animal bunkers, hay bails, and actual buildings you can go inside and snipe from!  If you’re feelin’ ballsy, try running down the trench that lines the net-side of the field… if you catch the other team by surprise you might be rewarded!

The Airsoft Park at Camp Pendleton is San Diego County’s newest Airsoft field. The field is laid out with two close-combat houses with 15+ rooms, a village marketplace, and real Military tanks and vehicles. This field is AIRSOFT ONLY, so no need to worry about messy paintball residue on your Airsoft Gear.


Home to dozens of paintball tournaments every year, including the APL, AFPL, WCPPL, and more.  We have FOUR astrotruf full size competitive paintball fields that are the main practice grounds for hundreds of local players as well as local pro teams including San Diego Dynasty and the Los Angeles Ironmen, If you’re looking to play on a competitive team, enter in a local tournament, or even just to watch some of the greatest players in the world practicing their snap shots, Camp Pendleton Saturdays & Sundays is the place to be… hands down.