Paintball Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a Civilian, what do I need to get on base?

The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton is located on a Marine Installation and there are new procedures to come play at the Paintball Park! Please follow this link “Getting on Base” to find out the details on how the general Public can gain access to the base during the “Weekend” and “Weekday” play.

What will I need in order to rent equipment?

Anyone who will be renting equipment will need a driver’s license or credit card that will be held at registration until all equipment has been returned. Make sure not to forget your ID! If you rent our equipment you are required to purchase paintballs from the Park.

How do online waivers work?

All players must sign a waiver before being able to play at The Paintball Park. We only accept online waivers which can be filled out at Once you have filled out the waiver, you do not have to fill one out for an entire year! We will be verifying everyone’s waiver by First name, Last name, and Date of Birth.

What is a private group?

A Paintball Private Group needs a minimum of 15 players (ages 10+), a Paintball Lite group has a minimum of 12 players (ages 8-12), Splatmaster Kids Groups have a minimum of 10 players (ages 6-9), and finally Airsoft Private Groups need a minimum of 12 players. Private Private Groups receive their own referee to coordinate and assist the party and a discount on rental packages! No deposits are required for booking a private reservation; all that is needed is a credit card number to hold the reservation.  Groups need to reserve at least one week in advance.

What should I wear?

When you play paintball it is suggested that you wear layered long sleeves, long pants, closed toed shoes, and a hat or beanie. The paint does wash out, but be sure to wear old clothes because you will be getting dirty!

Is there an age limit?

  • Paintball: Recommended minimum age of 10 years old
  • Paintball Lite: Recommended for ages 8-12 years old and all beginners
  • Airsoft: Recommended minimum age of 10 years old
  • Splatmaster: Recommended for ages 6-9 years old

Can players bring their own paintballs?

  • At all of our locations, if you rent our equipment you are required to purchase paintballs from the Park. The Paintball Park @ Camp Pendleton allows self equipped players (players who do not need to rent full gear) to bring in their own paint as long as its not red, pink, or staining.
  • The Tournament Park @ Camp Pendleton allows only Deluxe paint and above. Referees onsite will be checking and approving certain paint.
  • The Paintball Park @ Miramar and 29 Palms requires players to use field paint only which is approved and environmentally safe.

Is there a retail store on-site where I can buy gear?

At The Paintball Park @ Camp Pendleton we do have the Extreme Store Pro Shop that has a wide variety of both paintball and airsoft products for beginning and advanced players.

Is there a phone at your parks?

Yes, we do have a landline available for customers to use at our registration window upon request.

Do you have walk-on play on weekdays?

We are open for walk-on play year round Friday through Sunday from 8:30am-5pm. We also do release special hours for holidays and night games available on our website.

Can walk-ons play by themselves on a field without referees?

Walk-on players must be accompanied by referees at all time when out in the paintball fields. All walk-ons will be assigned to groups under the supervision of our field referees.

Are you open when it rains?

We are open rain or shine! Paintball and Airsoft are exciting sports in all types of weather, especially when it rains!

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes we do! We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Do you serve food at the Paintball Park?

The Paintball Park @ Camp Pendleton has a snack bar onsite that serves sodas, snacks, and a variety of snacks. If you would like us to provide catering, pizza, subway, or other meal options, we would be more than happy to have food brought in for you. Give us a call and we’ll make sure your group is fed and taken care of.

What if I have less then 15 people in my private group?

If you had less than the 15 players for a private group, you can reserve for a Half Day Semi-Private Group for 8-14 players. Your group would still play with the walk-ons, but would also receive a discounted rate and their equipment reserved.

Can non-renters (self-equipped players) reserve a private group session?

Yes you can! The admission is $20 for a non-renting player, and a minimum of 15 players (whether they have their own equipment or need to rent) are required for Private Groups.

What if I book a group for 15 people and a couple people drop out?

You can still come and play as a Private Group! A “No Show Fee” of $20 is charged for each missing player under the minimum 15 players.

What if I need to cancel my private group reservation?

Your Deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel more than 48hrs before your group date you may transfer your deposit to another day. If you cancel less than 48hrs before your group you forfeit your deposit.

What days/times do you have available for private groups/parties?

For Private Groups we are open seven days a week from 9am-5pm. Half Day Private Groups are either from 9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm where All Day Private Groups are from 9am-5pm. If you are having difficulty finding a time that works for your group call us! We will be more than happy to find the best time to accommodate your group. You can book your reservation at 1-866-985-4932.

Can I book a private group at the Tournament Park?

Absolutely! Tournament Park games run a bit differently than recreational paintball games. You can call us at 1-866-985-4932 to give you more information about Tournament Park reservations.

Do you fill H.P. gas cylinders (compressed air tanks) as well as CO2?

We fill both the compressed air tanks and the CO2 tanks at our locations. CO2 is $5 per fill (any size canister) and HP(compressed) refills are $10 all day.

How often do we chrono?

We chronograph all paintball guns before each day of play. Players are responsible for their paintball guns and keeping them at the correct speed. No exceptions! If you do not chronograph your gun, you will not be allowed to play. Our chrono limit is 290 FPS.

What other paintball gun technology restrictions do you have?

Nothing full-auto or select-fire; semi-auto only (one shot per one pull and release of the trigger). All paintball guns must have a trigger guard and barrel safety cover.

Are there any tournaments or big games held?

Yes, we have several tournaments each month at both the Tournament Park and The Paintball Park @ The Paintball Park! Check on our Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates on events!

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