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Camp Pendleton Airsoft Park Rules

*Airsoft FPS limit is 400. If any gun is over the limit, it will not be allowed. If a gun is needed, we rent them at the Airsoft Building for $15.
When exiting the fields, magazines must be taken out of the gun, barrel covers must be on, and all weapons must be cleared.

*All airsoft guns must have an orange tip
*Riot shields are allowed only when okayed by referee first before used on the field
*Melee Weapons are allowed only when okayed by referee. Any weapon used over aggressively will not be allowed. Aiming for the head, neck, or private areas of the body is not allowed.
*Thunder Bs are allowed and eliminate players within a 5 foot radius. Any fire-based grenades are prohibited.
*All players are required to have barrel covers. If a customer has a pistol holster, they can keep their gun in the holster and no barrel cover would be needed.
*All equipment must have barrel covers on at all times until customers enter the field and referee announces covers off.
*Picking bbs off the ground is prohibited; it will break the equipment.
*Anyone under 18 must have full face protection on all fields. All customers must have protection for their face, whether it is with bandanas, mesh mask, goggles, or full face masks. No ballistic glasses allowed as form of goggles.
*While on the field, if a mask is falling off or fogging up, keep the mask on and get the attention of your referee so he or she can help you with your mask. If you are unable to do so, please keep your mask on and walk off the field to fix in safety.
*Absolutely no climbing on or into vehicles.
*Dry firing in the staging area is not allowed.
*Blind firing, or shooting without looking, is not allowed.
*Abide by the “10 foot” or “bang bang” rule. When you are within 10 feet of another player, instead of firing you will yell BANG BANG so close encounters will not hurt other players.
*Shooting at the wild life is COMPLETELY prohibited and will result in being asked to leave the facilities and a possible fine from Camp Pendleton military base.
*No customer vehicles are permitted to drive in or up to the airsoft area. No exceptions.
*Foul language and/or physical contact will not be tolerated and could result in being sat out of a game or to be asked to leave the facility immediately.
*Airsoft is an honor based game and so we ask that all players be fair and truthful while in the game. Please call all hits; any shot on guns or ricochet bbs do not count as hits. If there are any concerns on the honesty of a player please inform the referee. All referee decisions are final.


56 thoughts on “Airsoft Rules

  1. Chase Dugas

    Hey I am wondering what the limit for fps on airsoft sniper rifles is here. I know that there is a 100ft engagement rule but what about the fps. Jericho airsoft has a 550 fps limit with any weight bbs, is that the same here?

  2. Charnel Kennedy

    Hey Ricardo, If your gun seems to fluctuate one way or another during the chrono process we would want to lower it well below the 400fps. Using larger BB’s may also help to slow down your speed as well. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry so I would recommend renting a gun that isn’t going to fluke!

    • Anthony

      Hi I am 16 and I want to get into airsofting but I have some questions. What fps does it have to be under and is it different with snipers.#2 What melee weapons can you have.#3 Is there certain BB’s you have to have like size or weight.And finally,are the teams set up by camo or skill level. Thank you and sorry about all the questions.

      • The Paintball Park

        It needs to be under 400 FPS. We allow just about any airlift weapons as long as they fit within our restrictions, like FPS, etc. We sell .20 and .25 BBs. With airsoft, generally there are enough players that they can remain in the same group, but usually we set up by rented equipment versus those that bring their own guns, and then skill level. We have many answers to our airlift FAQ at Thank you for your questions!

  3. Noah

    Are you aloud to shoot air soft guns in the backyard of my house, on base?

    • Charnel Kennedy

      Hey Noah, I’m not exactly certain what base policy is on airsoft guns and their usage, but I wouldn’t do it. There typically isn’t enough open space and you run the risk of hitting people or things that aren’t intended targets.

  4. Gabe

    OK how old do you have to be to go can you be 17 and be there by your self or do you need an adult

    • Charnel Kennedy

      Hey Gabe,
      we recommend 15 and over to be here by themselves. However, it is ultimately the choice of your parents. We are released from all liability, loss and injury that may occur per your signing of our mandatory waiver.

  5. Sean

    Hi I was wondering what you have for sale. I’m looking to buy a plate carrier and some extra m4 mags. If you do have these for sale how much would they be ? Thank you

    • Charnel Kennedy

      Hey Sean, unfortunately we are not selling airsoft equipment at this time. You can check out or Best of luck finding those mags.

  6. Philip

    My gun shoot just a little bit over 400 fps. It shoots 410 fps. Is it still not allowed? Also I have been watching videos of airsoft battle at your field and a lot of the people don’t have orange tips on their guns so are they really mandatory?

    • Charnel Kennedy

      Hey Philip, we would have to chrono your gun to be within the 400fps limit. If your gun is shooting at 410 it is not allowed in with its current fps. As far as the orange tips go, all of our rental guns do have orange tips. Some people may not have orange tips on their personal guns but they should for their own safety. In the public sector it is mandatory but since we are on base at an Airsoft facility that is regulated it is not mandatory.

  7. Black Horse

    So do you guys have Airsoft techs there just in case our guns breaks down. And what if you have a gun that shoots at exactly 400 fps or at 400-404 fps

    • Charnel Kennedy

      Hey Black Horse, yes we do have techs on site that would be more than happy to help you fix your gun!

  8. Alec

    Charnel Kennedy. I’m 16 and I have a half face mesh mask lancer tactical googles and a helmet I wear. Would I still have to rent a full face mask. I even where a buff that covers my skin under the mask, would you guys make an exception or would I still have to rent a mask?

    • Charnel Kennedy

      Hey Alec! If you have goggles that cover your eyes and the mesh that covers the rest of your face and the buff you should be okay on facial coverage. Keep in mind that once you arrive onsite we may see some issues with your coverage and express that. You do not have to rent a mask you can and probably should purchase one as back up. We do currently have full face masks for $10.

  9. Alec

    Thanks I play paintball at your park too been playing at your park since I was 12 amazing how Big the park has grown even with the new map you guys built 5 months ago! I Love the Refs there too you guys are always friendly too me when I bring a friend along with me. I play advanced so I normally can’t play with beginner but I am always still welcome to hop on the field with a friend as long as I have a gravity fed hopper. Hope you guys never close. the best paintball park in San Diego, That’s for sure! See you soon!
    Am I also allowed to apply for a job there when I’m 18 too? I’ve been dying to work there what age do you prefer?

    • Charnel Kennedy

      Hey Alec! Thanks so much I’m happy to hear that you have been enjoying yourself here at the park. You can actually sign up to work Haunted Grounds (which is every weekend in october) and at the Park at age 16. We require applicants to have a valid work permit and reliable form of transportation. If you’re interested in getting an application please come by the park on your next visit and pick it up!

  10. keenan

    Hi CP airsoft, I was wondering if I need a military ID to play airsoft at the park? Or can I get through the gate without one?

    • Charnel Kennedy

      Hey Keenan, you don’t have to have a military id, but you will have to show license, insurance and registration for every driver. Getting on to the park will be easier if you come through the San Luis Reyes Gate (back gate).

  11. jesus

    Hey I’m wondering how get there it says to go threw the base and hope much would everything to play

    • Charnel Kennedy

      Hey Jesus,
      our Park is located on Camp Pendleton. Our address is 1700 Vandegrift blvd, often times if you put that into your GPS it will not show up. However, you should visit our homepage and find the tab along the top that says “Directions”. This will give you step by step directions to our park no matter which direction you are coming from. Otherwise please give us a call at 866.985.4932. thanks,

  12. Jake

    Are barrel covers provided if you bring your own gun?

    • Rick Estrada

      They are not provided by Camp Pendleton Paintball Park if you have your own gun. You may purchase the barrel cover here at the park for $5.

  13. Adrian Espinoza

    Hi I’m new into the airsoft but I’m addicted and love the sport, how many people are typically there per day or weekend?

    • BaseAccessCoordinator

      Hello, it really depends on the day, and some outside factors, like whether school is in session or not, different holidays, etc. However, generally, it is busier on weekends than weekdays. Feel free to call in to check the walk-in count for airsoft before you come, our number is 866-985-4932. Thank you.

  14. I was wondering if you have a full face mask do you need neck protection or not ?

    • BaseAccessCoordinator

      The masks we have are full face masks, however, they do not cover the neck, so you would need neck protection. Thank you.

  15. Hector

    If your rifle is on a rifle bag you still need to use the barrel cover?

    • BaseAccessCoordinator

      We recommend that a barrel cover be on at all times when off the field. Thank you.

  16. Noah

    So what is the age limit for airsoft? Like what is the youngest you can be to play?

    • BaseAccessCoordinator

      We generally recommend airsoft for at least ages 10 and up, but it is up to the discretion of the parent. Thank you.

  17. Chris

    For fully private parties does the fps limit apply, even if all the members agree you can use the gun?

    • BaseAccessCoordinator

      Hello Chris,
      Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, the FPS rule applies at all times for the safety of all players.
      Thank you,
      The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton

  18. Aidan L.

    Is there a multi story building if not is there good ground cover

    • BaseAccessCoordinator

      Hello Aiden,
      There is not a multi-story building, but there usually is great ground cover. I would recommend visiting our webpage with virtual walk throughs of each of our fields at:
      Thank you,
      The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton

  19. Mike

    Hello everyone, what are rules regarding laser usage?

    • BaseAccessCoordinator

      Hello Mike,
      Sorry for the delay. Lasers are fine as long as you are not misusing it, like shining it in people’s eyes.
      Thank you,
      The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton

  20. Aric Whitley

    Hey CP. I haven’t been to this park since new years eve in 2014 and was wondering. Are polarstars allowed I would love to come out with a friend and usually just play at the field I work at. Jungle Island airsoft. It would help greatly. And this park was my first real airsoft park back then!! haha thank you!

    • BaseAccessCoordinator

      Hello Aric,
      Sorry the the delayed response. It should be fine to use Polestars as long as you are within the correct 400 FPS, and following all the rules and regulations.
      Thank you,
      The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton

  21. Joseph

    If a friend of mine were to wield a Sniper Rifle that was over the 400 FPS limit but was limited to a minimum set distance, would it be possible for that weapon to be used?

    • BaseAccessCoordinator

      It must be under the FPS limit.

  22. Callen Hansen

    Hey, so i only have a an assault rifle for airsoft and its fps is at or over 400 FPS, and i’ve already registered, if i arrive and my gun’s fps is too high but i have no other gun ( and i’m not interested in renting) are they going to tell me to leave or is there small chance that they would let me slide. Last time i airsofted was about a year ago, if that may help.

    • BaseAccessCoordinator

      Your gun must be within the required FPS, no exceptions. You will need to have your equipment modified or you can rent a gun. Thank you.

  23. Michael

    Hi i have been looking at your rule and website i am 13 and am wanting go with my cuzin and is 13 as well we have never been air softing and wunderd if they have lesons?

    • The Paintball Park

      While we don’t necessarily have airsoft “lessons” we do have referees that teach you the rules and how to play safely. They are happy to show you the ropes and walk you through step by step. Thank you for asking!

  24. Greg

    I have a Thompson that chronoed at 465 fps. I currently have a sniper scope attached to the rail I epuiped to my Thompson so can I use it as a sniper or do I have to lower the fps of the gun?

    • BaseAccessCoordinator

      The FPS limit for air soft is 400. Thank you.

  25. Ron

    I see that the fps limit is 400, but is that a Chrono with a .2 bb? Or can I use a 450 fps aeg (with .2g) with a .32bbs bringing it down to 390-400?

    Or is there a joule limit?

    • Kyla Hagge

      However you need to modify your gun and/or bb’s to make sure your shooting speed is 400fps or below is fine.

  26. Griffin Koger

    Hi, I was curious if there is a rps limit. My new build will be shooting around 32rps.

    • Kyla Hagge

      All Airsoft guns at our Camp Pendleton field have a Feet-Per-Second limit of 400. However you need to modify your gun and/or bb’s to make sure your speed is 400fps or below is fine.

  27. DropZone airsoft team

    Hey do you have a bbs per second limit for the guns some fields only allow like 20 BBS per second but my gun shoots a little over 20 just want to now if there is a limit

    • Kyla Hagge

      All Airsoft guns have a Feet-Per-Second limit of 400. However you need to modify your gun and/or bb’s to make sure your speed is 400fps or below is fine.

  28. KateKarnage7

    Hi, so my brother and I are planning to go to CP for some airsoft relatively soon, but neither of us have ever been, but he knows kind of what’s up, I’m under 18 and my brother is younger than me but he has a gun, and has fired it before, so I’m wondering if that would put us on different teams or not.

    • Kyla Hagge

      All walk-on airsoft players play with each other, regardless of equipment or age. The referee usually splits the group into two different teams, where you could just ask him to let you and your brother stay on the same team.

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