Camp Pendleton Airsoft Park Rules

*Airsoft FPS limit is 400. If any gun is over the limit, it will not be allowed. If a gun is needed, we rent them at the Airsoft Building for $15.
When exiting the fields, magazines must be taken out of the gun, barrel covers must be on, and all weapons must be cleared.

*All airsoft guns must have an orange tip
*Riot shields are allowed only when okayed by referee first before used on the field
*Melee Weapons are allowed only when okayed by referee. Any weapon used over aggressively will not be allowed. Aiming for the head, neck, or private areas of the body is not allowed.
*Thunder Bs are allowed and eliminate players within a 5 foot radius. Any fire-based grenades are prohibited.
*All players are required to have barrel covers. If a customer has a pistol holster, they can keep their gun in the holster and no barrel cover would be needed.
*All equipment must have barrel covers on at all times until customers enter the field and referee announces covers off.
*Picking bbs off the ground is prohibited; it will break the equipment.
*Anyone under 18 must have full face protection on all fields. All customers must have protection for their face, whether it is with bandanas, mesh mask, goggles, or full face masks. No ballistic glasses allowed as form of goggles.
*While on the field, if a mask is falling off or fogging up, keep the mask on and get the attention of your referee so he or she can help you with your mask. If you are unable to do so, please keep your mask on and walk off the field to fix in safety.
*Absolutely no climbing on or into vehicles.
*Dry firing in the staging area is not allowed.
*Blind firing, or shooting without looking, is not allowed.
*Abide by the “10 foot” or “bang bang” rule. When you are within 10 feet of another player, instead of firing you will yell BANG BANG so close encounters will not hurt other players.
*Shooting at the wild life is COMPLETELY prohibited and will result in being asked to leave the facilities and a possible fine from Camp Pendleton military base.
*No customer vehicles are permitted to drive in or up to the airsoft area. No exceptions.
*Foul language and/or physical contact will not be tolerated and could result in being sat out of a game or to be asked to leave the facility immediately.
*Airsoft is an honor based game and so we ask that all players be fair and truthful while in the game. Please call all hits; any shot on guns or ricochet bbs do not count as hits. If there are any concerns on the honesty of a player please inform the referee. All referee decisions are final.